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      Ramon Torres - La Travesia

      Ramón Torres was born on 18 of July 1949 in Higüey and is the only major Bachatero, who comes from the east of the island. He now lives in La Romana.

      Despite he is the author of many of the classic Bachatas, for example “Lo que pasó, pasó”, he has not come to wealth. In 1987, Ramón Torres went to the capital Santo Domingo, after he got a severance pay of his company in the Zona Franca, to devote himself to music.

      His first success is still heard everywhere today: “Las estrellas brillarán” (The stars will shine).

      Torres remembers, that this was at a time when the Bachata had a worse reputation than thieves or murderers, because they at least were feared and therefore earned respect.

      Besides making music, Ramón Torres worked as a farmer, grower or in the Zona Franca in order to survive. Nevertheless, he sang songs which every Dominican knows today, but only few connect with the name Ramón Torres. “El Poeta”, as he calls himself, sings about stories of his own life or describes his hometown in the romantic song “Higüey”.

      Date: 08/01/2013

      Ramon Torres - La Travesia: